What leather do I use for my jackets

What leather do I use for my jackets

It’s a no brainer that the clue is in the title when I use leather for my leather jackets but it’s not just about that, I wanted to basically explain why I use real leather in my designs and where it comes from. 

It can be a confusing subject for people but I am here to champion that leather can be more sustainable in the long run.

All my leather is sourced from high-quality leather merchants within the Uk called GH Leathers. They specialise in sustainably sourcing their hides through ethical farming. This was a big one for me as I knew that if I wanted to use leather for my jackets then I needed to know it came from a place like this. I have also visited G. H. Leathers and they were very helpful and open to talking about their range of hides and where they were from. 

Their range of hides was unbelievable and I spent a good few hours just looking at and a vast range of colours. 

If you would like to know more about the leather company, they have a more in-depth article on their website here

I started using real leather a few years ago and I can honestly say I have noticed a big difference from using PU leather. Not only is it not plastic the longevity in the product has a bigger life span than what faux leather would.

Equaling in a higher quality product that would last a lifetime and not only that it can be passed down through generations.

The difference between PU and real leather:


  • Its made from plastic
  •  Its easily torn
  • It doesn’t have longevity
  • It won’t decompose due to it being plastic
  • It’s not sustainable for the environment

Real leather

  • Its made naturally and ethically
  • It gets better with age
  • It won’t lose its value
  • It’s higher in quality
  • It’s more sustainable for the environment
  • It will last longer

In a world so heightened in sustainability, I knew this would be the right option to make my business fully using leather. Yes, the PU leather and vegan leather may come across as being friendly but it is not always the case and can be full of plastic which is in no way sustainable for our future.

So yes you can be sustainable and wear leather.

All my leathers are custom made by hand and if you would like to find out more information and book onto my waitlist for 2022, check out my custom service here