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 Custom handmade leather Jackets

I see you swooning over my leather jackets well now you can take it to the next level and design your own to align with your personality and I guarantee when you wear one of my jackets you’ll be shouting: 

Hello, world! I’m your wild girl.

I’m your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! 

My custom made jackets will help you go from feeling frustrated with your wardrobe to being able to put together great outfits confidently and effortlessly every day.

I have worked hard on my designs within the shape and style to add femininity, softness and a blending of luxurious colours you are guaranteed to feel a badass luxe rebel in one.

So if you feel like yes this is me, yes I want to create a custom leather jacket then let’s work 1:1 to create a rad investment work of art that represents and connects with your personality, keep reading…


My idea for making leather jackets came to me in 2016 where I discovered samples of leather that looked amazing and thought it would be really fun to try and make one so I did; this really ignited a passion in me for leathercraft.

I taught myself how to make a jacket from an existing one I had, then developed the patterns to change the style and create the perfect fit.

It also happens to be a personal favourite item of mine which is why I absolutely love making them.

Each one of my personalised leather jackets is made from high-quality leather sourced from an ethical leather merchant in Northampton UK and you can read more about why I use real leather here 

All handcrafted by my fair hands from my home studio in North Yorkshire UK.

I have options for plain jackets or designs with a personalised design to your requirements, where each design is hand-drawn and cut out in leather to create a truly unique investment piece just for you.

Ready to become a Total Luxe Rebel and be that badass you deserve to be.​

personalised leather jacket

I have never been in the same room as Bridie and the fit is perfection, This woman is amazing and I can’t wait to rock this jacket

Jo-Jo and The Teeth

Custom Leather using contrasting white sleeve design and red zips 

Rose cut out design on the back using metallic leather to create the rose colours 

Turquoise leather with cut out design on the back using purple leather for the contrast colour and fringing 

What’s the badass feeling? 

    • A luxury personalised leather jacket with your personality injected into it 
    • A badass irreplaceable piece for your wardrobe 
    • 100% communication throughout the whole process
    • My incredible enthusiasm for creating this jacket for you.
    • A guaranteed work of art cut and tailored to your measurements 
    • A piece that can be passed down through generations 
    • My knowledge of 19 years of sewing and experience 
    • A pattern cut especially to your design 
    • My full attention to every detail 


    How it works 


    • Jackets will be made from my blocks to your measurements and can be personalised to suit whatever design you have in mind. 
    • I start by discussing via email or zoom about your designs ideas, fabric colours, sizing, FAQs, and for me to get a feel on how to bring your personality into the jacket with my design knowledge. 
    • Follow up of all info discussed through a confirmed email 
    • I then take your design idea and draw it up in digital form so you get an idea of what it will look like
    • I can send any fabric samples to you in person before the making of the jacket to make sure you’re 100% happy with the colours and fabrics 
    • A sample of the jacket will be sent with a zoom call for me to check the fit before making in leather   
    • Email updates on the process of your jacket and to make sure you are 100% happy with how it’s looking.
    • PDF printout on how to care for your jacket 
    • Lifetime guarantee  
    • All jackets will be posted in a luxe bespoke Born to Thread reusable box. 

Cut out leather back design using mixed colours of leather together 

Handmade fringing being stitched in place on the jacket 

The complete back design and fringing all ready before the jacket is made 

  • Now you’re probably thinking this all sounds rad n’ all but what’s the dollar involved?


    • Custom jacket to tailored to your size with no design – pricing starts from £699
    • The full works inc. custom design on the back and jacket tailored to your size – pricing starts from £799
    • A £100 deposit is required to secure your spot, payment plans are welcome 

    (Jacket postage is included in the price)

    Personalised designs don’t just have to be on the back, I can detail the front, sleeves, lapel and back. 

    I guarantee when you wear a piece of Born to Thread you will feel like your own luxe rebel icon.

    So are you ready to invest in your style and create a piece of wearable personalised work of art for yourself?



Book your deposit today

Any Q’s feel free to contact me

*The process can take 6 to 8 weeks (depending on the design ) This is slow fashion rebels but it will totally be worth the wait.

* I don’t offer refunds or returns on custom pieces as I can’t resell the piece to someone else cause it’s made for your badass self!

A little insight into how I make my personalised leather jackets

Made to order jackets are available to buy from the born to shop page where you can invest in one of my hand drawn designs but if you have a specific design in mind please contact me as the price may differ,  I’m already excited to hear your ideas.

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