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At Born to Thread I want to be a 100% transparent with my products. I have spent many hours researching and sourcing leather fabrics to bring you the highest quality possible for longevity in my badass garments. 

Yes, all of my jackets are made from 100% real leather but I have also made sure that the hides are sourced from an ethical leather merchant in Northampton UK called GH Leathers, who only use skins that are a by-product of the meat industry, meaning the farming priority is food and the hide is secondary.

This was my main priority when sourcing hides for my products made from leather, I have also visited their factory in person where they had a vast range of hides to choose from and was very impressed with the knowledge the staff had about the products.

You can read more about GH Leather technical process here

I do get asked a lot if I make vegan leather jackets: 

For a start, I don’t design jackets out of plastic faux leather (cause that sucks for the environment.)  

I am however in the process of bringing pineapple leather into my collection and I am more than happy to discuss other other alternatives if I’m making you a bespoke piece. 

Contact me here and let’s talk other alternatives 

Did you know leather is an upcycled byproduct of the massive meat and dairy industries? The hide compromises an average of 7% in mass; which means the value of the hide is considerably low. Nothing is wasted either the hide is being turned into a beautiful, durable and versatile material.

Now I know this won’t be the case for every hide or manufacturer which is why at Born to Thread I have selected who I work with very carefully.

Leather is also a sustainable fabric. It is able to break down if discarded into the environment and it’s long-wearing when made into a product.

The best thing about this fabric is that it gets more badass with age the more you wear it, so essentially when your buying into one of my products you are investing in an irreplaceable piece for your wardrobe.

Buy less choose well.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me

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