Oh hey there Icon – I’m Bridie a.k.a Born to Thread, the maker of badass handmade leather jackets and clothing that are designed to last a lifetime and bring out the Luxe Rebel in you.

Clothing and style is a personal thing and that feeling you get when you can’t find anything that represents you is frustrating, it can knock your confidence and you don’t feel very good about yourself – I know this from personal experience.

When I struggled with grief and low self-esteem I disliked everything about myself, It’s taken for me to reignite my passion and work on my mindset to feel 100% confident in my rad style again but I am here to prove to you it can be done and ignite that badass style within you.

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Ever since I was young I was always draping fabric around everything, drawing cool dresses on my kick-ass fashion wheel and even cutting holes in the middle of the fabric to make something! (sorry mum, at least I know how to cut out properly now)

I always admired my mum and grandma making clothes and every opportunity I got to help I would, so my passion for fashion started young.

My grandma taught me to ‘dress to impress yourself every day’ which always stayed in the back of my mind and I used this powerful message as the main ethos of my business.

Thank you so much for my bespoke jacket, I love it! and I love the little detail of the lightning bolts. Very happy to support independent businesses, It’s been a pleasure to work with you and I am so pleased you were able to create what I wanted.

Rachel Pickering

The idea for making leather jackets came to me when I discovered samples of leather that looked amazing and thought it would be really cool to try and make one.  With zero skills in working with leather, I taught myself how to make a jacket from an existing one I had and after many frustrating attempts, it worked!  I then developed the patterns to change them into a unique rebellious stylish piece.

It also happens to be an ultimate favourite item of mine and enjoy making every single one.

So this was the start of my luxurious leather jacket empire and each one is made to order by my fair hands from my own sewing studio in glorious Yorkshire.

In the 4 years of taking my business in this direction, I’ve had the honour of creating incredible jackets for clients.  From cool studded leathers for badass bands to distinctive custom pieces for brides and their rock n roll weddings which has been featured in Rock n Roll Bride magazine.

The best feeling is getting to know my incredible icons personality and working with them to create one of the kind pieces that will no doubt last a lifetime 

It’s been a wild ride so far and I’m only just getting started. It’s exciting to have you here and ready for me to fulfil your ultimate Luxe Rebel dreams

Rock n Roll Bride Magazine 

Rock n Roll Bride Magazine 

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