So, you want to order a bespoke biker jacket but not sure what I offer, then fear no more this post is to tell you what entails when you order one of my super-duper jackets.

What makes my jackets different?

A lot of people are shocked when they find out that my jackets are made from scratch, yes that’s right people all of it from the design, pattern cutting, cutting out of the fabric to the sewing the god dam thing up, Pretty neat huh?

So, your basically buying a on off jacket that made entirely just for you!

When it comes to ordering a jacket all you have to do is go to my shop page and I have a listings available where you can either order through my shop or if you’re looking for something in particular then just drop me an email at, we can then discuss your ideas further.  For Payments I accept PayPal or Bank transfer via an invoice. I have several options when it comes to payment: Pay the full amount or if you would like to do a payment plan I usually ask for a 50% deposit from the full amount to cover costs of the fabrics, then you can either split the rest of the costs down in to one or two final payments, all I ask is for the payment to be completed before I post the jacket out.

Now here is the fun part the design: anything goes with me, I’m open to giving any idea a go so if you have a particular theme to your wedding or colour pallet I am happy to work with that to create a special design. My jackets aren’t just for weddings either they can be ordered just to wear every day, at events, for businesses or festivals so same goes as above looking for a particular design give me a hola!

I wanted to offer something a little bit different when it comes to patches, so I use glitter and faux leather fabrics which are sourced from small business in the UK to create a hand appliquéd design, each design is drawn out first to make sure you are 100% happy. I then transfer this design to a template to help me cut it out in the fabric. A lot of time and care goes in to these patches, so they are glued and then stitched on in place to make sure they last and don’t budge! The great thing about these is they don’t have to be on the back they can be anywhere on the jacket.

Just want a plain jacket? No problem I am more than happy to make one.

My jackets are made in standard UK sizes from size 8 to 18 online but I can go up to a size 26. My designs can be adapted if needed for example shorter, longer, petite, different sleeves this can all be accommodated all I ask for you to contact me via email for this as the price can vary and I need to accommodate the fabric.

I use high quality vegan friendly faux leather for my jackets that have been tested to stand wear and tear for a long time, I have spent a long-time fabric sourcing to get the right fabric to work for my designs. All my fabrics come from the UK

I pride myself on creating the perfect fitting handcrafted garments to make you feel empowered because yourself expression should shine through every day in what you wear. when you wear a piece of Born to Thread I guarantee you will feel that.