Body Positivity | Nicole Jane Photography

Body Positivity | Nicole Jane Photography

Here at BornTo Thread I am all about body positivity and making yourself feel good no matter what so, I would like to introduce the super talented Nicole from who has wrote a fantastic uplifting post this week.

People say that the more you visualise something, think about it and how much you want that thing, it will come to fruition, what they don’t talk about is how this doesn’t only apply to positive desires.
I told myself day in and day out that I hated my body, no-one else convinced me of that, I did it all by myself. Until I realised the amount of damage these thoughts and “beliefs” were causing.

Starting boudoir photography was the simple change that made me see differently. “How the fuck can you photograph women and expect them to see their beauty when you can’t see your own?”. This was my turning point.

I began to really LOOK at myself. Why do I hate my belly? Why do back rolls offend me so? Then I began taking self portraits and this changed everything.

Do you want to know which part of my body I love most? (After my butt of course) My back rolls. No I’m not feeding you bullshit, I genuinely adore them, they look cute! Here’s the photograph that helped me see them this way.

I know it’s hard, and there are many ways in which we all would like to change the way we look, society has brought us up that way. Become part of the revolution! Love your fat, or your flat chest, or your freckles. Go bra-less, no matter your boob size! I’m an E cup, my nipples touch my belly when I sit down!

If you want to change something, do it because it makes you feel healthier or improves your state of mind, not because it makes you fit in.

I challenge you to stand in front of the mirror EVERY DAY for at least 10 minutes for the next week and REALLY LOOK AT YOUR BODY. Ask yourself why that thing you don’t like offends you, then ask yourself to ACCEPT IT. You don’t have to love it, but acceptance of individual areas leads to a more likely love of your body.

If you want accountability, join my online community where I’ll be creating a thread for this challenge!

Nicole xoxo